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Iquja Attorney Ltd is a legal advisory firm that offers analysis, management and advocacy services to corporate customers encountering conflicts. Realizing the disruptive power of confrontations, we strive to offer our clients services with an unparalleled blend of excellence and efficiency.


We believe that far too many corporate disputes end up being resolved through formal dispute resolution mechanisms (e.g. court processes and arbitrations). In reality, only a fraction of cases retains legal precedence value explaining (to some extent) a persistent contradiction. Others follow the lengthy and costly path because of failures at different stages of conflict management.

Dependable attorney services are a necessity when navigating beyond the comfort zone. Iquja Attorney Ltd was established to offer corporate customers a high-quality alternative that emphasizes overall process management.

Best solutions to conflicts are, however, likely to be found at early stages of conflicts – even before an attorney typically gets involved. Fueled by attorney and corporate in-house experience, general and focused management studies and more than ten years of steadily growing interest in the topic, Project Iquja aims to define and construct concrete ways to improve corporate conflict management practices.


In all our work, we emphasize Integrity;
Our clients’ interests come first.

To live up to this standard, we have chosen

  • to constantly remind ourselves that only a well-informed customer can make the right choices over a conflict and, thus, aim for the best outcome. Our assessments reflect the reality as accurately as possible.

  • to adopt an “old school” approach to conflicts of interests. We respect the customers’ trust in us and they will, therefore, never find Iquja on the other side of the table - irrespective of the nature of the matter.

  • to not use the identity of our clients for our own marketing purposes (although some of the details are a matter of public record). As a concrete example of this, we do not cooperate with law firm rating agencies (most often requiring disclosure of past client assignments and/or customer contacts) nor acquire or pay for their services.

  • to be selective in our representation. We, as a rule, decline a potential assignment if a) the assignment does not fall under the core services of our practice, b) we do not have current resources to meet the needs of the client, or c) we estimate someone else in the market can do a better job.

High quality enables success

Conflicts are complex. The quality of actions affects every step of a conflict resolution process; from the first actions taken on an emerging conflict to preliminary analysis and from in-depth analysis to representation and further. We do not see high quality as an option – we see it as the only alternative to truly own the process. This high quality of services assures that

  • everything necessary will be done

  • resources will not be used in vain

  • the representation mirrors favorably the corporate reputation of the customer.

Proper understanding finds the available options.

Facts are the foundation for assessment, strategy, tactics and action. Failure in fully understanding one important fact or circumstance may frustrate the entire case.

We follow a rigorous and consistent process to unveil all the available facts and circumstances – including the ones someone may have an incentive to underrate or conceal.

Good judgment finds the preferred option
among the ones available.

Being right does not automatically mean that you will get what you want. Guided by our experience and case analysis, we assist our customers to determine the best path at every turn.

Judgment is our core service.

Actions follow a thorough consideration -
not the other way around

Every action is relevant – either in good or in bad. Correct actions sometimes have the power to kill conflicts. Seemingly correct actions may, on the other hand, sometimes unnecessarily ruin any existing chances of settlement.

We help our customers to be proactive in their choice of action. Passivity can sometimes be the right proactive choice. We, however, find this to be rare. Consistent, well-founded actions usually work best.

Conflicts are generally noisy, filled with allegations and claims that in the end do not have much or any relevance. We help our customers to reduce the noise and extract the relevant from the sea of irrelevance.


What we offer?

We offer corporate customers attorney services for varying commercial conflict and distressed situations. We help corporations analyze pending or threatening disputes to determine the best course of action and – if needed – represent them before public courts, specialized courts, authorities and arbitral tribunals.

We offer services in English and in Finnish. Iquja’s founder is a Member of the Finnish Bar Association.

What we do not offer?

We accept only assignments dealing with commercial conflicts and follow our values in determining whether we are in a position to allocate resources to the new work offered.

The easiest way to find out whether we can assist your corporation is to contact us.

How we differ?

Being selective in our representation enables us to focus our undivided attention to pending assignments. We do what we say we do and we act for our clients in a timely and uncompromising manner.

At present, we do not allocate all our time to handling client assignments. Project Iquja allows us to assess and develop conflict management practices – corporations’ long-term interests in mind.

Conflicts are disruptive. Admittedly, in a competitive environment, a company may sometimes derive benefit from a conflict’s disruptive effect to someone else’s business. In a clear majority of cases, however, the conflict disrupts the businesses of all parties involved. Resources are lost.

Some say, and to a certain extent we agree, that companies can narrow down the pool of potential conflicts by improving their processes. However, in a commercial setting, sooner or later, a conflict of significance inevitably emerges. What we, therefore, deem as critical is what happens management-wise after a conflict emerges.

We believe that by better management, companies can shorten the life span of conflicts and thereby save resources for preferred purposes.

Conflicts differ from other management challenges in several aspects. Management practices suitable for other management challenges often work poorly for conflicts – especially for the more detrimental ones. Often a manager manages a specific conflict for the first time because, in general, conflicts represent rare disturbances to everyday business. And even if one has experience of managing other conflicts, chances are that for various reasons the knowledge from prior conflicts is not directly applicable to a new conflict.

Conflicts are, thus, difficult to manage. As part of conflict management efforts, corporations (irrespective of their size) typically act in a manner they should not, and, on the other hand, neglect to carry out measures they should.

Businesses, corporations and corporate cultures differ. We are currently validating a new conflict management model with the help of selected corporations.

Should our enhanced conflict management model survive the validation phase giving us a reason to proceed, we are going to concentrate our efforts on creating an app for conflict management purposes.

As said, what happens management-wise after a conflict emerges, is critical. We are, thus, fully aware that the suggested app can only be genuinely beneficial and accepted if it is usable and understandable from the perspective of an average management level employee of an organization.


Harri Jussila

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Iquja’s office is located at Menuetto Business Center in Munkkivuori, Helsinki (20 minutes from the Helsinki Airport [HEL/EFHK]).

Business ID, VAT code

2801483-4 / FI28014834

E-Invoicing address

EDI-Code: 003728014834

Operator ID: 003721291126